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The IEHA is pleased to welcome 200 sessions which will enhance new trends in economic history, with strong emphasis on the theme of resources in a global perspective. They will take place in parallel and participants will be able to follow them on site, on line and in podcasts.

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Paper Sessions

The congress includes c. 200 papers sessions from more than 1500 researchers on various themes
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Poster Sessions

PhD students have the opportunity to present their works through posters during the congress.
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Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities projects related to economic history will be highlighted during the congress.
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Public Events

Throughout the congress, the general public has the occasion to meet sponsors and researchers.
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Plenary Sessions

The plenary sessions are three lectures presented by internationally renowned researchers (keynote lectures).
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Accommodations for every budget can be found in Paris. The congress offers a partial list.
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the event

25-29 July 2022

The World Economic History Congresses (WEHC) are international and interdisciplinary events placing close collaboration of economics and history at their core. These congresses not only appeal to management scholars, sociologists, geographers, anthropologists, ethnographists, psychologists, philosophers, but also to historians of science and technology, as well as nature and life scientists. All researchers across the world are more than welcome to participate.

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Resources: the theme of WEHC Paris 2022

We invite you to join us in Paris to discuss the many ‘Resources’ which have been and are at stake in past and present economies, societies, cultures and environment. Within the conference theme of resources, we consider natural and modified, renewable and non-renewable, material, immaterial and energetic resources, as well as their discoveries, exhaustion, recycling, constraints and limits.

We also include the part of labor involved in their exploitation, the institutional dynamics and the involvement of scientific, technical, financial, and digital knowledge.

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About IEHA

The International Economic History Association (IEHA) comprises 45 economic history associations scattered across 38 countries (23 in Europe and 15 outside Europe). The Association française d’histoire économique is the French affiliate, and it is chaired by Pr. Manuela Martini.

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For both corporate and institutional partners, the WEHC will represent an opportunity for making the event a high-profile and sensible occasion in managing their communications. The congress will take place on a campus dedicated to the social sciences, which is also one of the leading developing hubs of such activities in Île-de-France.