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All the participants have to register for the WEHC 2022 online. You must click here. Once on the Registration Page, you have to fill in the page, choosing your category (Regular or Student, On-site, Online or Public History Pass) and the extras. The Welcome Breakfast, Keynotes at Pullman Docks, Cocktails and Final drink are free.


All the participants have to register for the WEHC 2022 online. You must click here (cf. link Event Maker software). Once on the Registration Page, you have to fill in the page, choosing your category (Regular or Student, Face-to-face or Online). If you choose "student", you have to send a proof of your student status.

Congress Fees

Early (Dec. 1, 2021- May 15, 2022) : 280 € (regular) / 100 € (students)

Late (May 16, 2022- July 15, 2022) : 380 € (regular) / 150 € (students)

Very late (July 16, 2022- on-site): 450 € (regular) / 200 € (students)

Student status at the time of registration determines the fee. You will be asked for a proof of your student status.


Online participants: 50% of the price listed above.

For a session to take place, at least one presenter or one organizer must be physically present.

Public History Pass 

If you are not taking part to any session but if you wish to come to the Paris WEHC, you can register for a Public History Pass. Please check the fee that corresponds to your situation. This pass costs 100€ and 50€ for students.

This pass is ideal for partners who would like to accompany a significant other to the congress without attending the sessions.

The Public History Pass gives access to :

It does not give access to sessions.

Extras for Face-to-face participants

Registration to events like, visits, exhibitions is not open yet.

Coffee breaks will be provided for free, no registration required.

Welcome receptions, keynotes at Pullman Dock and closing reception are free.

Registration to the events below will be mandatory:

Pre-Congress Social Events (Sunday afternoon, July 24):
- Guided tours in the Exhibition “Evolutions industrielles” in the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie: 2 guided tours, 20 places each, 2 pm and 4 pm.

- Guided tours in Paris: Archives nationales: (2 guided tours, 20 places each, 2pm, 3.30 pm); CITECO (2 guided tours, 20 places each, at 10 am et 11 am); Musée des Arts et Métiers, (1 guided tour, 20 places, 2 pm); Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale (founded in 1881) (1 guided tour (in French), 2 pm with reception)
 - Guided tours around the Campus Condorcert: industrial heritage sites in the North of Paris: 2 guided tours, 25 places each, in French.
Guided tour Ecole des Arts Joailliers (Thursday July 28 afternoon) at 3 pm (special PHP) and 6 pm.

Cocktail Party (Wednesday July 27, evening)

We regrettably had to cancel the Gala dinner because of a strike notice by security staff at the Cité des sciences. As a reminder, it was planned as a 56 € extra fee. No one had yet paid for it. As a replacement, we invite every participant to a free cocktail party after the Wednesday plenary session.

Exhibition “Evolutions industrielles” in the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, (from Sunday 24, through all the week).
Free access on Sunday 24, during the guided tours. During the rest of the week, free entrance with reservation. There is a limited number of free access tickets available: please ask for a ticket when you register your presence at the Reception Desk.
Visit and reception at National Archives (Pierrefitte-sur-seine) (Tuesday 6:30 to 9:00 pm)

Visit and reception at Visit and reception at Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace (Tuesday 6:30 to 9:00 pm) 


Refund policy

There will be no refund of registration fees except if :

   - The face-to-face Congress is cancelled (in which case the Congress will still take place, but exclusively online)

   - You cannot join us because of general international travel restrictions to France

   - You fail to obtain a visa if you need one    

   In these three cases, your face-to-face registration will be transformed into an online one. We will refund half your registration fee upon request.


If you register to attend the congress online and then decide to attend face-to-face you will have to pay the difference between your online registration and the face-to-face fee when you registered.

E.g.: Ms. Nonymous registers for the congress on line on Decembre 15th. She pays 140€. She decides on May 10th to come in person. She will have to pay an extra 140 € (280 € - 140 €).

Paying "extras" (gala dinner, social events) and the Public History Pass will be not be refunded.