You are a session organizer

All the sessions will be held both face to face and remotely. We require that there should be at least one organizer or chair on site (you, one of the speakers, or someone else identified as a discutant or a chair in the session). Please arrive and prepare the session 15 minutes in advance. The room’s manager will be there.

You are free to arrange the timing of the session as you wish.

The videoconference tool is Avaya. Each room is equipped with a computer (with clicker), a camera, a microphone and a large screen. In each room, there will be a room manager (a member of our team), in charge of the smooth running of the hybrid session using the room’s computer. The room’s computer is the administrator of the session and can moderate it.

As a chair, we recommend you leave the room’s computer to the room manager. He/She will do the technical moderation (open/close microphones, open/close cameras, close screen sharing) under your instructions. You can moderate the chat (by connecting to the session as an online participant, using the link in "My Agenda") and ask him/her ((e.g. by private or public chat) to open the microphone and the camera of the online participants of your choice.

Because of the way most small rooms are configurated, presenters must be at the back of the room (away from the whiteboard) to face the camera. In larger rooms, presenters can face the camera from the side of the room, near to the whiteboard. In any case, follow the room’s manager instructions.

On-site speakers have two options:

  • They can decide to beam their presentation from the room’s computer. Please ask each participant to bring his presentation on a USB drive and give it in advance to the room manager. Beware that the room’s computer cannot usually be moved next to the speaker. They will have to use a clicker (provided by the room’s manager) or ask someone else to advance their slides.
  • They can decide to beam their presentation from another computer (e.g. their or your computer). In that case they must enter in the session as an online participant, using the link in "My Agenda". They must then share their whole screen to be able to advance their slides.

Online speakers must enter the session as an online participant, using the link they find in "My Agenda". They can then share their screen, their microphones, and/or their camera. The room’s computer can close microphones, close cameras, and exclude participants. It cannot close screen sharing.

Online speakers should not expect online presentations to work as soon as they connect. As for every new software one uses, they might need to change their settings, setup and habits. If possible, encourage them to do a trial before the session in liaison with you.

If online speakers have any problems joining the sessions, please have them try the following steps on their computers:

  • Use Chrome rather than an other browser or the app.
  • Remove the "Cancel Background through AI" option
  • Check their browser’s premissions regarding the use of video and audio inputs

It is important the links to the sessions are not shared. If a malevolent actor secures the link, there is no way to protect a room from repeated intrusions apart from changing the link.

As an organizer you will not have to manage the technical side of things.

In case of difficulty, in addition to the room manager, you can rely on a “rescue team” for each building (part of the congress organization) plus a factotum per building. They can escalate issues both to the online digital support of the Campus Condorcet (for Avaya issues) and to hardware support (for computer issues) Extra computers are available to the rescue team at the congress’s welcome desk.