Parallel Sessions

To participate online to the sessions (either as a speaker or a attendant), you must create a user account on the WEHC website: 

This account must be created with the same email you used to register to the WEHC.


If you have any problems creating an account or joining the sessions, please contact

Once you have a user account, you need to create your personal schedule by adding the sessions will attend to your agenda (Tutorial

Please create your user account as soon as possible to avoid technical problems during the conference (in case of technical problem

You will then get the links to participate in the sessions in "My Agenda" from Thursday, July 21st. It is important the links to the sessions are not shared. If a malevolent actor secures the link, there is no way to protect a room from repeated intrusions apart from changing the link.

Sessions will be held on the Avaya platform. You do not need to download any application or further register. You just need to enter your name.

Please do not expect your online presentation to work as soon as you connect. As for every new software you use, you might need to change your settings, setup and habits. If possible, definitely do a trial before the session in liaison with your session organizer


Please find here the explanatory walkthrough to use Avaya. If you have any problems joining the sessions, please try the following steps:

  • Use Chrome rather than an other browser or the app.
  • Remove the "Cancel Background through AI" option
  • Check your browser’s premissions regarding the use of video and audio inputs

If that still does not work, please contact

Online speaker must enter the session as an online participant, using the link they find in "My Agenda". They can then share their screen, their microphones, and/or their camera. Online speakers must share their whole screen to be able to advance their slides.

Plenary sessions

The Plenary Sessions will be broadcasted from the Event Maker website. You will receive an email with link. Again, you will need to enter the email you have used for registration.

For any further questions, please contact