Covid-19 cases have been on the rise in France in the last few weeks. We advise Congress participants to

keep their masks on as much as possible, especially in the auditoriums. It is also advisable to keep windows open as much as possible during sessions —air flows are by far the best defense against Covid-19, which spreads primarily through aerosols

What are the rules for international travel?

Please consult the website of the Ministère de l'intérieur et des Outre-Mers.

How to obtain a vaccination pass if you have been vaccinated outside France?

Please consult the website of the Ministère des solidarités et de la santé.

Please note that the vaccination pass is not required any more except to enter hospitals and other health care facilities (situation as of 7/10/2022)

When am I at risk ("cas contact") and should take a test?

You are a "cas contact", that is, at risk of having caught Covid-19, if a person you stayed close to (less than a yard) or for an extended period of time (> 15 minutes) inside a building while you did not wear a mask tells you that s/he is Covid-positive, or if Congress organizers send you an e-mail waring that a person in a session has been tested Covid-positive, and you didn't wear a mask during that session. The test must be taken at least 48 hours after contact.

See official information here :

What are the symptoms which could be related to Covid 19?

Unfortunately, Omicron variants are associated with symptoms similar to the common cold and lasting two to four days: cough, fever, headaches, muscle pain, sore throat, running nose, and above all fatigue. Less common but more identifiable symptoms include loss of taste and respiratory trouble —the last symptom requires checking into an hospital)

N.B.: if you have contracted Covid-19 in the past two months, there is no need to test except if you feel symptoms —reinfections within two months are extremely rare

How do I get tested?
- Online reservation via the website:  (about 40€)

A smartphone Doctolib application featuring several foreign languages (English, German and Italian) can also be downloaded from Google Play here ( or for iPhones from Apple's App Store here (
- Self-test sold at the pharmacy (5€)
- We have also made a list of places doing covid tests near the congress:

1. Antigen Testing (self-testing/testing administered by a pharmacist):

  1. For buying self-tests : the closest pharmacies from the Congress site are

    — Pharmacie Darondeau, 5 Avenue George Sand, 93210 Saint-Denis La Plaine

— Pharmacie Olivetti, 79 rue du Landy, 93300 Aubervilliers

— Pharmacie de la Plaine, 170 Avenue du Président Wilson 93210 Saint-Denis

— Pharmacie Centrale de la Chapelle, 5 rue de la Chapelle, 75018 Paris is further, but open on Sunday

  1. These pharmacies administer officially accepted antigen tests duting working hours; so do numerous pharmacies in Paris. When they do, a green tent is usually set up in front of the entrance, where the test will be performed. Do bring your vaccination certificate if you have one; results are usually sent in the form of a text message.

2. PCR Testing: PCR tests require lab analyses and can take up to 48 hours to be processed. Unfortunately, there are no PCR test centers close by. The two closest ones are either at the Mairie d'Aubervilliers subway stop (two stops north from the Front populaire subway stop in front of Condorcet), or between Porte de la Chapelle and Marx Dormoy, the first and second stop going south. PCR testing requires an appointment; the application Doctolib can also be used to find a PCR appointment, by looking up "Covid test PCR" followed by the address in the vicinity of which you want to find a testing place. Generally speaking, testing in the center of Paris is easier, and the likelihood that your interlocutor will speak English increases.

a. Paris:

— Laboratoire Cerballiance, rue Pierre Mauroy, 75018 Paris; appointments through Doctolib

b. Mairie d'Aubervilliers:

— Centre médical et dentaire ENA, 44 rue du Moutier, 93300; appointments by phone only, 01 86 90 65 90

Please note that testing is not meaningful if performed less than 48 hours after contact with the virus; if you receive a warning about such a contact having taken place, do keep in mind these 48 hours before a possible infection.

What if I test positive?

Please write Congress organizers at so that they can warn the participants who shared a session with you that they may be at risk. Please note that since we will not divulge your name and this is confidential medical information, it is incumbent on you to warn people who may have been put at risk outside of sessions.

See instructions here:

We are doing our utmost to ensure that the congress takes place in the best possible conditions:

- Masks will be distributed to all congress attendees
- Hydroalcoholic gel available
- Ventilation

Find the latest covid measures here :

You can check the official current health rules