Prize winners

August 1st 2022

Congratulations to the winners of the IEHA and AFHE prizes !

IEHA Poster prize: 

GIanni Marciante (University of Warwick)
When nation building goes south: draft evasion, government repression, and the origins of the Sicilian mafia

IEHA Pre-1800 Dissertation Prize:
Jeremy Land (University of Helsinki)
Boston, New-York and Philadelphia in global maritime trade, 1770-1775

IEHA Long 19th century Dissertation Prize:
Cheng Yang (University of Cambridge and Renmin University of China)
The occupational structure of late Imperial China, 1736-1898

IEHA 20th-21st century Dissertation Prize:
Katharine Frederick (Utrecht University)
Deindustrialization in East Africa: Textile Production in an Era of Globalization and Colonization 1830-1940

AFHE Digital Innovation prizes (ex-aequo):
The AveTransRisk Database: Mapping Trade, Risk, and Disasters in the First Globalization (
The Mass Digitization of Historical Tables Using Open-Source AI and Machine Vision Tools (

AFHE Science Outreach prize:
Labor, livelihood, and immigration in a Brazilian plantation: the archives of Ibicaba farm (1840-1970) (
Special mention: Multiscale trade in eighteenth-century La Rochelle region (

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