1. How can I register for the congress?

(Link to the Registration page)


All the participants have to register for the WEHC 2022 online. You must click here (cf. link Event Maker software). Once on the Registration Page, you have to fill in the page, choosing your category (Regular or Student) and the extras. The Welcome Breakfast, Keynotes at Pullman Docks, Cocktails and Final drink are free.

If you are participating in the congress online, click “NO” to each activity on site.

2. What are the fees?

Due to the sanitary situation, we cannot commit yet to the congress fees. They will be revealed when registration opens in late 2021. If you want to get the information as soon as possible, please subscribe to our newsletter

3. Can my institution directly pay the congress’ fees? 


Yes, but your institution still has to pay by credit card using the Paybox link.


4. Can I participate online? 


Yes, you will be able to participate in the conference online. The fee will be smaller than the regular fee. As usual, you also have to register for each session in which you want to participate.

You are a participant

To participate online, you must create a user account on the WEHC website: https://www.wehc2022.org/login. 

This account must be created with the same email you used to register to the WEHC. If you have an account please check that your account is working with the appearance of the video link from next Thursday.


If you have any problems creating an account, please contact program.wehc2022@psemail.eu

Once you have a user account, you need to create your personal schedule by adding the sessions and keynotes you will attend to your agenda (Tutorial

Please create your user account as soon as possible to avoid technical problems during the conference (in case of technical problem  program.wehc2022@psemail.eu

You will then get the links to participate in the sessions in your user account. 

Sessions will be held on the Avaya platform. You do not need to download any application or further register. You just need to enter your name.


Please find here the explanatory walkthrough to use Avaya

You are a session organizer

You are a session organizer. Here are some instructions about to run a session.

You are free to arrange the timing of the session as you wish.

All the sessions will be held both face to face and remotely. We require that there should be at least one organizer or chair on site (you,one of the speakers, or someone else identified as a discutant or a chair in the session).

Some participants in your session may have already asked you about online participation.

The videoconference tool is Avaya. Each room is equipped with a camera, a microphone and a large screen. In each room, there will be a room manager (a member of our team), with a computer, in charge of the smooth running of the videoconference. The manager’s computer has access to the room’s camera, microphone and the moderation of the session.

There are two options for the presenter:

  • They can decide to beam their presentation from the room’s computer. In that case, they also have to moderate the session and the chat as long as they are using the computer. Please ask each participant to bring his presentation on a USB drive and give it in advance to the room manager.
  • They can decide to beam their presentation from another computer (e.g. their or your computer). In that case they must login to the session as an online participant. It is important they cut off the mike in their computer. The person using the room’s computer (presumably the chair) will then have to moderate the session and the chat.

Everybody with access to the session can share documents, chat and speak as long as they have not been blocked by the moderator of the session (ie anyone using the room’s computer) .

As an organizer you will not have to manage the technical side of things.

In case of difficulty, in addition to the room manager, you can rely on a “rescue team” for each building (part of the congress organization) plus a factotum per building. They can escalate issues both to the online digital support of the Campus Condorcet (for Avaya issues) and to hardware support (for computer issues) Extra computers are available to the rescue team at the congress’s welcome desk. 

5. Can I switch from online registration to on-site registration? How?

 You will have to pay the difference between your original payment and the cost of on-site registration at the time you make the switch.


6. I am not a speaker nor Session organizer. Can I participate in WEHC 2022? 


Yes, of course. You have to register here (link to Registration Page). You must click here (cf. link Azur Colloque software) and choose the option (regular/ student/ online/on-site). After your registration, you should select the sessions in which you will participate.

You cans too select Public Pass History. This pass is ideal for partners who would like to accompany a significant other to the congress without attending the sessions.

This pass costs 100€ and 50€ for students. 

This pass does not give access to the sessions but gives access to:

If you are not taking part to any session but if you wish to come to the Paris WEHC, you can register for a Public History Pass. Please check the fee that corresponds to your situation.

This pass is ideal for partners who would like to accompany a significant other to the congress without attending the sessions.

The Public History Pass gives access to :

 7. I am a speaker or a Session organizer How do I submit information about my session?

You are a session organizer or a speaker, you can modify and complete your session, your paper or your poster by logging in. You have a tutorial at your disposal. The deadline is 30 April 2022.

If you have not received your login details you can request a password.

For further information, please contact us at program.wehc2022@psemail.eu


As a Session organizer

The list of Session organizers (name, first name, email) is uploaded to the platform from a file provided by the WEHC 2022 organization. An invitation email is sent from the platform to invite them to log in and complete their sessions. The Session organizer receives an email with the program login information to complete and manage its speakers.


The tab "Congress Menu" will appear once you are connected as the Session organizer or speaker (this access is the same for all profiles; only the content changes).


The Session’s organizer must edit the full information of the Session under his/her responsibility. The first step is to enter the session data.


As a Speaker

Speakers have to wait for the Session organizers to enter the session data. Further down the page, there is a section in which editing the paper is allowed only by the person concerned, the Speaker him/herself. As the Speaker is not responsible for the organization of the session, he/she cannot modify the Session’s general content, but he/she can update or modify the information of his/her own paper to present.


A Speaker can invite other Speakers. Once logged in, a Speaker must fill in the title of his/her paper, add in any supplementary information about the co-authors or speakers themselves, complete the description and add in the corresponding PDF documents, etc. Once these actions have been completed, he/she must validate his or her intervention.


8. Can I submit my abstract via email?


No, all Session organizers and Speakers must upload their abstracts on the website.


9. I am a speaker. Should I register for my Session?


Yes, please read the answer to FAQ n° 7 (link to this page).


10. Can I be an author or co-author of another abstract?


Yes, please read the answer to FAQ n° 7 (link to this page). You will be able to upload and complete all your abstracts.


11. How can I edit my abstract?


Please read the answer to FAQ n° 7 (link to this page).


12. Will the abstracts be published in a journal?


No, but you will be able to upload the whole programme from your space in My Agenda.


13. How to participate remotely?


To access the video conference, you must be registered as a participant.

The tutorial for accessing the videoconferencing platform is available here.


14. What are the different session types?


·    Regular Session: Congress will have approximately 200 sessions, divided each day into four periods of 90 minutes each.

·    Plenary Session: Three Plenary Sessions will be hold at the Docks Pullman (formerly the General Stores of Paris, listed in the National Heritage Register, 3200 m2, lecture hall, stage, screen, private spaces)

The Pullman Docks

50, avenue des Magasins Généraux, 93210 Aubervilliers.

·    General Public Events: Stakeholders, socioeconomic partners and local organizations will share their experience about the Congress’s topic Resources, from many points of view, in open presentations. Every registrated participant can participate in these events. They will also be opened to registrated visitors.


15. How to participate in the General Public Events?


You have to register on your space in My Agenda. More information here (link to answer n° 14)


16. How to participate in the Plenary sessions?


You have to register on your space in My Agenda. More information here (link to answer n° 14)


17. How can I arrive at the congress’ building?


(Link to Travel to Paris)


The Campus Condorcet and Docks Pullman are located in Aubervilliers across the street from the exit of the Front Populaire metro station #12, and it extends to rue Saint-Gobain, not far from the RER B station "La Plaine - Stade de France". 

By public transport (click here for more information)

1 min from the Aubervilliers - Front Populaire Metro, Line 12 (exit n°2, Waldeck-Rochet)

12 min from the Porte d’Aubervilliers Metro, Tramway T3b

2 min from the Metro La Plaine/Stade de France, RER B then Bus 239 stop "Front Populaire Proudhon".

Bus : 139,153, 239, 302, 512

Vélib’ Station (Bicycle) Avenue George Sand

Please, check planned service changes in local transports: RATP - SNCF 

By plane

Charles de Gaulle Airport:

RER B - La Plaine/Stade de France, after Bus 239 stop “Front Populaire Proudhon », around 25 minutes


Orly Airport:

RER B - La Plaine/Stade de France, then Bus 239 stop “Front Populaire Proudhon”

By train

Gare du Nord:

RER B - La Plaine/Stade de France, then Bus 239 stop “Front Populaire Proudhon”


Metro line 4 towards "Porte de Clignancourt" until stop "Marcadet Poissonnière". After metro line 12: stop “Aubervilliers - Front Populaire” (Last one)

Gare de Lyon:

Metro Line 14 towards “Mairie de Saint-Ouen” until stop Saint-Lazare Station. After metro line 12: stop “Aubervilliers - Front Populaire” (Last one)

Gare de l’Est:

Metro Line 4 towards “ Porte de Clignancourt” until stop “Marcadet Poissonniers”, after metro line 12: stop “Aubervilliers - Front Populaire” (Last one)

Gare Montparnasse:

Metro Line 12: stop "Aubervilliers - Front Populaire” (Last one)

Gare Saint Lazare:

Metro Line 12: stop "Aubervilliers - Front Populaire” (Last one)


18. Where can I stay in Paris?


Attendants are required to book their own accommodation.

A selection of Hotels in North Paris, close to the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie


REMIX HOTEL **** 28ter av. Corentin Cariou 75019 PARIS

HOTEL IBIS – PARIS VILLETTE *** 31-35, quai de l’Oise 75019 PARIS                                                                                                          

31-35, quai de l’Oise 75019 PARIS

HOTEL MERCURE PARIS LA VILLETTE ****    216, av. Jean Jaurès 75019 PARIS 

HOTEL CAMPANILE *** 147-151, rue de Flandre 75019 PARIS                                                                                                                                      


68, quai de Seine 75019 PARIS



HOTEL CAMPANILE *** 64, avenue Jean Lolive 93500 PANTIN




RESIDENCE HOTELIERE ADAGIO  *** 28ter, av. Corentin Cariou 75019 PARIS


Generator Paris 9-13 Place du Colonel Fabien, Paris

Auberge St Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal 159 rue de Crimée, Paris, Paris, France, 75019

St Christopher's Inn Paris Gare du Nord 5 rue de Dunkerque 75010

19. How do I get a letter to start a visa procedure?


Please submit your request via the Contact Page. We will send a visa letter as soon as possible.


20. Where do I find the schedule of the WEHC 2022?


1 April 2021

Opening of registration of abstracts on the new website

Opening call for dissertations, Call for posters and digital humanities projects (competition)

1 September 2021

Opening 3rd Call for Grants

30 November 2021

Deadline 3rd Call for Grants

Opening of registration (early Bird)

1 December 2021

Dead-line Call for dissertations, posters and digital humanities projects

15 December 2021

Communication of the results of the Call for Grants (sessions) 

22 January 2022

Communication of the results of the Call for Grants (posters and digital humanities)

1 March 2022

Short list dissertation, posters andt digital Competitions

15 May 2022

Deadline for early bird registration

15 July 2022

Deadline registration of in-person participants

22 July 2022

Deadline registration of virtual participants

25 July 2022

Start of the Congress

29 July 2022

End of Congress

21. What is the impact of COVID-19 on the Congress?

See our dedicated webpage