EDF Foundation - Committee for the History of Electricity and Energy


For nearly 40 years, the EDF Group has supported research on the history of electricity. The Association for the History of Electricity in France (l'Association pour l'histoire de l'électricité en France, AHEF) was created in 1982 on the initiative of Marcel Boiteux (then-president of EDF), Maurice Magnien (Director of Studies and Research) and François Caron (Professor of Contemporary History at Paris-Sorbonne University).

In 2001, a new committee for the history of electricity took over the missions of the AHEF. To better embody the broadening of the field of study that has occurred in practice over the years, the Committee's name changed in 2013 to explicitly mention energy, becoming the Committee on the History of Electricity and Energy. The Committee's mission is to support those who conduct research on the history of electricity and energy, to develop and share new knowledge in this field. It is convened at least twice a year to set its program of actions.