Châteauform - Les Docks de Paris

Châteauform’, the magic of seminars and events.

Since 1996, Châteauform' has been enchanting your teams in places with a strong personality, exclusively dedicated to companies. Everything is designed for companies and the people who make them flourish.

Today, thanks to its 70 locations in Europe, Châteauform' can meet all your seminar, face-to-face or hybrid events, meeting and training projects, in the countryside or in the city.

That’s why 96% of our clients are satisfied of their experience.


Focus on Les Docks de Paris

Les Docks de Paris offers 8500 m2 of modular space that can be adapted to suit your needs, ensuring that your event is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The space include the Dock Eiffel (1600 m2), the Dock Haussmann (1500 m2) and the Dock Pullman (3200 m2), which are complemented by 19 additional modular spaces.

This location is ideal for organising congresses, exhibitions, shows, fashion shows, conferences, and gala dinners on a grand scale.