BNP Paribas

The story of BNP Paribas dates back to the 19th century, when the banks that would eventually form the Group first opened and expanded internationally. Our contribution to the banking history, for example in terms of gender equality, infrastructure financing and information technology, offers an astonishing opportunity to explore two centuries of the world history. Therefore our support to the WEHC2022 perfectly matches our DNA: as the European leading bank and a key player in international banking, we always played a role in major social and economic changes and continues to do so nowadays with the sustainable transition.

Since 2010, we have sponsored the thesis price in economic history of the “Association Française d'Histoire Économique” (jury chaired by our President Jean Lemierre) as well as the YouTubeurs Français d'histoireaward since 2018 to promote the exploitation of economic, financial and banking archives.


To discover the history of BNP Paribas, come and visit its website, Well of History :